Oahu Photoshoot Location Guide

Lanikai Beach

Best for sunrises & late morning

Lanikai Beach is a small, white sand  beach with many palm trees and calm water. It’s quiet and quaint for sunrise. Sunsets are an option, but the sun sets behind the mountains so you will not see the sun rising over the ocean. This location is on the east side of the island. Approximately 40 – 45 minutes from Waikiki. This photo was taken during sunrise.

Halona Blowhole

Best for sunrises & late morning

Halona Blowhole (also known as Eternity Beach) is a small beach located in between sea cliffs. It’s a beautiful location to see crashing waves into the cliffside and the famous Halona Blowhole. It requires a 5 minute hike down rocks from the parking lot to the beach. If you’re not mobile, this location isn’t recommended. It’s approximately 25 – 30 minutes away from Waikiki. This photo was taken late morning.

Magic Island

Best for sunsets

The area is located just minutes away from the main stretch of Waikiki Beach making it very convenient for those staying in Honolulu. This location is beautiful with  tall palm trees, colorful sunsets, and city skyscrapers. It is pretty crowded, but also very convenient. We try to photoshop as many people out of the backgrounds as we can 🙂 It’s also a great place for sunrise, but the sun will not rise over the ocean. You will have less crowds, and colors in the clouds! This photo was taken before sunset.

Sandy's Beach

Best for sunrise, sunset, & late morning

Sandy’s Beach is a very large beach, known for it’s beautiful blue water, big crashing waves and scenic sea cliff views. There are also some small palm trees on the beach. You can see waves crashing into the sea cliffs in the distance. This location is great for both sunrises and sunsets! It’s on the south east side of the island so some of the time you won’t see the sun setting over the ocean, but you should get beautiful colors in the clouds! This photo was taken late morning.

North Shore

Best for sunsets
The best location for sunsets! This location is a large beach, with thick light brown sand and palm trees on the beach. You can see the sun set right over the ocean. During the winter, you can expect to see huge waves and surfers shredding them! Since it’s such a large beach, there aren’t too many crowds. This location is about an hour and a half from Waikiki beach. This photo was taken right before sunset.

Kailua Beach

Best for sunrise & late morning

The best location for late morning with vibrant blue water and bright green palm trees and greenery. This white sand beach is easy to get to, and is located about 40-45 minutes away from Waikiki. This photo was taken late morning.

Kualoa Beach Park

Best for late morning & late afternoon

This location is located by the famous Kualoa Ranch! If you want a beach and a location that has epic mountains, this is it! The green mountains in the background make this location truly unique. The beach is small and has flat sand. There is a large parking lot beside the beach, so the access is very easy. This location is beautiful for sunrise! It’s approximately 1 hour drive from Waikiki. This photo was taken midday.

Other locations

Inquire ahead of time

We service other locations that aren’t listed above. Such as  certain locations on Waikiki beach to accommodate mobility and convenience if you’re staying at a hotel at Waikiki beach. This photo to the left is at Kualoa Ranch, and it was an arranged event that we photographed. This photo was taken midday.

We do not service the following locations: Private homes, condos, hotel rooms for portrait sessions only. If your wedding is at a private venue we make exceptions.

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